Picking the Perfect Halloween Costume

It’s that time of year again when kids are excitedly planning their best trick-or-treat routes and telling scary stories. As your family prepares for another Halloween, you might want to consider your children’s costumes and whether they are appropriately safe.

This year, Halloween is in the middle of the week on a Wednesday night. Some families will forego Trick-or-Treating until a weekend, while others might attend supervised Trunk-or-Treat celebrations, and others still will take their children out on Wednesday night for ghoulish fun. No matter how you celebrate, there is always a risk with your children and cars after the sun goes down.

To make sure your kids are safe in the dark, Concho Valley ER wants to talk about some of the best options for safe, fun Halloween costumes.

Bright Colors

Any Halloween costume which features bright, reflective colors is going to be ideal. Sparkly fairy wings or a fireman’s jacket are some examples of bright, easily seen costume pieces that will make it much easier for drivers to see your children when they’re out after dark.

Sometimes, though, our little ones get most excited for a creepy Halloween option. For those who want to dress like bats, vampires, and other shadowy creatures, parents are challenged between the balance of safety and fun. Try finding compromises like having brightly colored treat-or-treat bags or props. If your child likes Star Wars but you’re worried about their Darth Vader costume is too dark, look into one of the light-up light-sabers sold at stores. These can be carried with a child all night and act as a cautionary light for on-going traffic, plus your kid will be excited to carry it around with them.

Reflective Tape

Bright colors aren’t the only thing that can help your children be street-safe in costume. Reflective surfaces and lights are also a big factor. Just like when someone is biking in the early morning or late evening, reflective tape can be a huge factor in reducing your traffic risks.

Reflective tape can be found at a variety of stores, sometimes even coming in multiple colors. You might be able to find a color that matches your child’s costume choice and be able to use the tape as part of their outfit. If you’re struggling to make the costume work, though, try a compromise with your kids. Ask them to wear reflective tape on their shoes, trick-or-treat bag, and anything hat or headgear they might wear with their costume. Keeping some key points reflective can help pick up light and make them more visible, even if you’re having trouble using reflective tape anywhere else.

Don’t Block Their Eyes

Masks are a big part of many Halloween costumes, just like helmets, hats, and other pieces that kids will wear on their heads next week. But it is important that parents make sure their children can maintain visibility. Making sure they have a clear line of vision will help your kids watch out for on-coming traffic and avoid any uneven sidewalks they might trip over.

If you’re worried about your child’s visibility, then try having a test run with them. Before Halloween, let them put on their mask and walk around the living room. Wave your hands at different angles to check what they can and cannot see. If it seems like they’re having trouble seeing, then talk with your child about possible alternatives. This can be as simple as pulling down their mask when they are about to ring a doorbell, so they can see while they are getting their candy.

Prop Check

For all of our sword-wielding knights, inter-galactic Jedi, and magic-wand-wielding princesses, costume props can be just as important as the costume. We already discussed some creative ways to make your child’s costume props safety enhancers, but when picking out props, parents also need to consider whether their kids can handle it.

For props that are long or bulky, double-check that your child can manage to carry it with them on their trick-or-treating route. If it will get tiring for them to carry or might cause them to trip, it might be time to reconsider that awesome wizard’s staff. It is also important to make sure all your child’s props are dull-edged and in good condition. You don’t want any sharp edges or poking wires to cause an injury on Halloween!

Know the Rules

Whether you are chaperoning the neighborhood trick-or-treat group or your child is making the rounds with their best friend’s family, you want to make sure that all of your kids know the most common safety rules of Trick-or-Treating.

Firstly, they should never go out by themselves. Always have a buddy and adult supervision for Halloween activities.

Second, never approach a house that has no lights on, or go down a street that is not well lit. Some people who don’t celebrate Halloween keep their porch lights off to deter trick-or-treaters, and their preferences should always be respected.  Dark streets or shadowy areas can be unsafe for children, though, since it is harder to see where you are going.

Thirdly, never talk to strangers. Every child hears this warning, but it is important to remind them on Halloween. Anyone who might approach them on foot or in a car is not safe, and they should stay with their chaperone and their buddy, in well-lit areas to ensure their safety.

Halloween is a time of fun for everyone, and finding the perfect costume is one of the best ways your children can celebrate. As you head out there to collect candy and share ghost stories, make sure your child is prepared for an accident-free holiday. In the event of any injuries or illness, though, Concho Valley ER is here. Our concierge-level emergency care facility is open 24/7, even on Halloween, to treat every member of your family.