Heart Health for Men

June is Men’s Health Month, and as Father’s Day approaches, there is no better time to think about the important men in our lives, and how much their health means to us. Aside from just making sure that they don’t hurt themselves, there is one risk which should be concerning for every man: heart disease, and its increased risk in men.

Keep reading to find out why men in particular need to worry about heart disease, and how you can help every husband, brother, son, and friend avoid these risks.

What is heart disease?

Heart disease is a common term, but many people don’t know what exactly it is. It sounds like something that could be cured, but heart disease is the general term that includes diseased blood vessels, structural issues with the heart, and blood clots. These various conditions can be contributing factors in heart failure and heart attacks.

Why should men worry?

According to studies by the American Heart Association, men are at risk of having heart attacks at younger ages. They are shown to be twice as likely to have a heart attack at age 45 than women are, making heart disease a bigger concern for them at this age.

It is important for men to keep an eye on their heart health, because of their increased risk for heart disease. Seeing a doctor discuss your risk factors is a good first step. As heart disease has many risk factors, some of them can go undetected if they are not discussed with a physician. It is important that men visit their doctors to talk about their heart health.

How can I prevent it?

Heart disease is a complex issue for everyone. There are many different factors that can influence when someone is affected by it, or what kind of heart disease they develop. Sometimes, it is a matter of genetics, and family history can become a telling pattern for some men. Other times, our diet and daily habits can be a major contributor. Not smoking or drinking in excess are good ways to keep your body in good health, and will lower anyone’s risk of heart disease

While genetic factors can be hard to battle, and require a doctor’s consultation, there are everyday wellness factors that everyone can achieve. Eating healthy—keeping fatty foods to a minimum for example—can be good ways to help your cholesterol, just like regular exercise can strengthen your heart. If you have pre-existing conditions, like diabetes, or genetic markers for cholesterol issues, then you will need to talk with your physician to determine if you need any additional treatments to keep your heart healthy.

Heart disease can be scary, but if men can make small changes early that will keep them healthy, then their risk factors will go down rapidly. Engage in a healthy lifestyle and remember that Concho Valley ER is always open, even on Father’s Day, to offer concierge-level care for patients of all ages.