Learn About Concho Valley ER With One Of Our Physicians

There are over 45,000 emergency physicians in the U.S., and at Concho Valley ER, we have some of the most dedicated and expert of these doctors.

Since it’s National Doctor’s Day, we’re going to discuss how Concho Valley ER is different from other emergency facilities and why one of our very own physicians, Dr. Michael Neal, decided to pursue medicine.

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What made you want to become a doctor?

I joined the Marines right out of high school. When I was discharged from the Marines in 1970, I started my own successful oil field trucking business in Odessa. I was newly married and had my first child at this time when my father became ill and had to have surgery and was in the ICU. My dad and I enjoyed spending time together hunting and fishing and I grew concerned that I would not know what to do if something happened to my dad while we were away on a trip. At this point in my life, I had never considered a career in medicine but decided I would go take an EMT course at Odessa College which immediately sparked my interest in medicine. I then began taking science courses and decided to change careers. As I spent more time working in the emergency room while in school, I was convinced that my calling was to become a physician.

What’s a day usually look like for you at the facility?

I usually arrive around 7 a.m. and start seeing patients right away. Since we recently opened, I try to spend a few minutes calling local businesses and other physicians that I know personally to make more connections within the community. Since I have lived in San Angelo for many years, I know quite a few people. I also call every patient that I see after they have been discharged to follow up and see how they are feeling. Since I often work a 24-48 hour shift, I may have periodic downtime, which I like to spend in the physician suite to catch up on Gun Smoke re-runs.

What makes Concho Valley ER so unique for patients and the staff working there?

In a freestanding facility, you have all of the good parts of being an ER physician like the instant gratification of helping people, instant lab, and diagnostic studies. You are also allowed the ability to spend quality time with each patient, which you do not have in a traditional ER. For me, it's rejuvenating because the current state of medicine in hospitals doesn’t allow for exceptional emergency care for patients. Our facility gets around the bureaucracy and allows you to take care of patients quicker and with more compassion and diligence because there is no pressure to move the patient out. This is rewarding for both the patient and the physician. Our facility creates the best of both worlds, combining the intimacy of private practice with the efficiency of a traditional ER.

Concho Valley ER uses state-of-the-art equipment, including CT scanners, X-Ray, and ultrasounds, and has a completely comprehensive lab. Our expertly trained emergency room physicians are committed to providing you with the no-wait, emergency care experience you deserve 24/7. The patient’s health and satisfaction is our number one priority.

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